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about our fabric Rip Stop Technology

about our fabric Rip Stop Technology

about our fabric Rip Stop Technology

Rip stop is a type of nylon fabric. It is 100-percent waterproof, and won’t take on moisture even when fully submerged. Wondering about the name? It stems from the fact that even if the bag does rip, which is unlikely thanks to the unique nature of the manufacturing process, the tear will be stopped in its tracks. These qualities make for much more durable bags than some of the run-of-the-mill reusable types.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. In fact, rip stop technology is often put to use in outdoor gear, such as backpacks and tents. When you place your logo on one of these babies, it’s much likelier to stand the test of time. Plus, with several cute models, such as the tee shirt bag or basic tote, you have lots of options for ensuring your logos and other branded elements get flashed to the world.

Rip stop is a type of nylon that has some truly amazing properties. It is 100% waterproof even when fully submerged. Perhaps most interestingly, if it ever rips (which is rare), the fabric is made in such a way that it won’t tear any further. This is why it is often used in outdoor products like tents and camping backpacks. We have used this material to create our very popular rip stop reusable tee shirt bag, which is the perfect item to help send out your message, brand or logo to the world. We have a team of designers just waiting to guide you through the process, coming up with a way to conveniently and economically place a wholesale custom order.

Because rip stop is water resistant, this bag can be used regardless of the season, always keeping the contents safe. As an added benefit, this bag has a top drawstring to provide further protection. When not in use, it can be folded in on itself into the little bag provided with it, which can also be customized to your needs. The ripstop fabric makes this a hugely popular bag that your customers will love using again and again, spreading your brand across the world every time they do so.

If you do want to use promotional items like this tee shirt bag to advertise or market your business, this is really the perfect option. These, which also fits in with the , something that consumers are actively looking for. We can design your logo or brand message in a huge range of different colors as well, so that your message is spread in a professional and eye catching way.

This bag is suitable for any type of store, regardless of the type of product or service you sell. You can trust in us at ReuseThisBag.com to promote your message and brand to the world. We can create and deliver wholesale orders, regardless of the volume, in time for your event or promotion. Please do contact us through our website to speak to our design team and to get started on your order.